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Meetings are more productive and comfortable than ever! 


Just imagine you are organising a meeting at a plaza located at the heart of the business life, or in a room viewing the fascinating Bosporus, at a lounge space illuminated with daylight that cheers you up or at a spot which reminds with its cobbled roads of all nostalgic memories of the city. Workinton offers all these and much more in 21 different locations. Push your motivation and productivity to the top during your meetings!


Workinton’s meeting rooms are fully-equipped and optimised for your needs. You can reserve our meeting rooms on hourly or daily basis or until your project is completed. In the meeting rooms which have specially-developed layouts and ergonomic equipment, our skilled teams are ready to serve all your needs during your meetings so that you can work better and more productively.


Amenities and Facilities provided:


  • Projector/Screen Curtain/LCD Screen
  • Whiteboard/Flipchart
  • Audio Systems for Computers
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Unlimited filter coffee, brewed tea, herbal teas, water and bakeries, fruits and cookies all day long
  • Photocopy/Prints
  • Technical Support


You can easily reach your meeting points, as Workinton’s branches have location-bound advantages and offer easy accessibility to different transport alternatives. Each of our branch features the same superior service and equipment standards, so whichever you choose as your meeting point, you will be welcomed warmly and professionally just as you are used to experiencing at Workinton. 

You can contact us and get more information on how we can improve your experience with trainings, conferences, assessment negotiations, interviews, management meetings and all your related events.

What You Get
Workinton Paketler
Meeting Room
Workinton Paketler
Tea & Coffee
Workinton Paketler
High Speed Internet
Workinton Paketler
Workinton Paketler
Workinton Paketler
Workinton Paketler
Lounge Areas
Workinton Paketler
Workinton Paketler
Easy Transportation
Workinton Paketler

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