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Workinton Carousel: A Modern Working Area For Those Who Wish to Work Better!


Workinton Carousel is opening its doors to those looking for a modern co-working environment where they can concentrate better, feel motivated, and, of course, be more productive!

Located at the center of Bakırköy, inside the shopping and living center Carousel, Workinton Carousel offers you everything that you will need to better focus on your tasks and work as efficiently as possible…

Here, within an area of 1500m2, you will be able to find ready-to-use offices, co-working areas where you can work and also form new networks, comfortable meeting rooms, lounge areas, a YouTube studio, an amphitheater for your events, and more! Just to make sure you can focus on your tasks, we will be taking care of every detail, such as cleaning, secretarial services, security, picking up cargo, etc.

So, if you wish to move to a working area where you can work better than ever, we are here for you- and your team!

What You Get
Fişekhane Cad. No:5 34710 Bakırköy/İstanbul (Carousel AVM 2B Katı)
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Levent 199
Levent 199

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