A Profitable Investment with a Successful Franchise System

Workinton, through strong growth plans in Turkey and in the world, offers a wonderful opportunity for passionate people and those who want to buy a franchise!

Our focus is to help our franchisees to grow more, to make more sales, to gain more revenue and, more importantly, to work with fun!


01. Who are we looking for ?

Workinton takes the franchise selection process very seriously. Our goal is to ensure that every franchisee in our system is successful. That is why we are looking for potential franchisee candidates with the following qualifications:

  • Passion, commitment and determination to succeed.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Good human relations skills.
  • Good management skills.
  • Entrepreneurial talent.
  • Ability to work in a young, energetic and lively organization.
  • Motivation to work full time.
02. Investment
Our brand name covers the right to use our systems and comprehensive training programs. In addition, you are expected to cover the branch investment cost.
03. Advantages
  • Prestige of managing one of the world’s most renowned “Shared Office-Café” brands, Workinton.
  • To make a profitable investment with an already successful “Franchise System”.
  • Receive support at all stages of the branch building process.
  • Professional and comprehensive trainings covering every aspect of the enterprise and ownership of a Workinton branch.
  • Franchise Advisor to assist you with ongoing branch operations, to cooperate with you, including improving operational efficiency by adopting the best practice in the branches.
  • Continuous training, system infrastructure and marketing support.
  • Opportunity to become a multi-branch franchisee if you meet Workinton’s growth criteria. (Multi-Store Operator)
04. Franchise application process
  • You submit your application.
  • We talk to you and discuss your application.
  • Operational evaluation is carried out in the branch (Spending 5 days at the branch).
  • Confirmation is given for your project to progress or your application gets rejected.
  • If your application is confirmed, you prepare a work plan and send it to Workinton.
  • After making a prepayment, you start training and we start building your branch.
  • You pay the franchise entry price 30 days before the branch opening.
  • You start to manage your branch by signing a Franchise Agreement.

Please note that this is a very brief overview and you will be guided through the process. Being able to buy a franchise depends on you to meet all the requirements of Workinton.


Canlı Destek


Canlı Destek