Work Wherever You Want and Whenever You Want It

When you take a break and raise your head while working on the desk that you choose in the Workinton coworking spaces in the comfort of a fully-equipped office at any branch that you choose, you can take limitless opportunities for making connection and cooperation.

Surely, our office chairs and times are not the only things flexible at Workinton. Choose the membership model that best caters your needs, and start working immediately!


You can use the hours that you buy throughout the year at any Workinton branch, whenever you want it.

Monthly Pass

You can work at the desk that you want in the preferred branch of Workinton at any time that you want it.

Private Desk

You can select and reserve the desk that you prefer to work for minimum one month. At the end of the day, you can leave your computer and personal arrangement as you wish. You will have a private office chair and a rented locker allocated to you.

Workinton has everything that you need to start working easily!

Lounge Areas



High Speed Internet



Easy Transportation


Meeting Room


Privileges of Becoming a Workinmember


Attend business, concert, art events


Make use of the special advantages and conveniences


Meet and communicate with new people



Lotus Nişantaşı

Halaskargazi St. Lotus Nişantaşı
Şişli – İstanbul

Levent 199

Locker Büyükdere St.
Levent 199 Plaza Şişli – İstanbul


İçerenköy Umut St.
Quick Tower, Kozyatağı – İstanbul

All That You Need To Know About Coworking

You can work efficiently and comfortably in the coworking spaces at our nearest branch for the duration and time that you want and need it. With the Coworking membership, we offer everything flexibly according to your choice. You can start coworking by choosing the most suitable option for hourly, daily and monthly subscriptions.

If you have Co-working Nomad and hourly memberships, you can use all our branches in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Izmir at any time that you want it. The hours purchased for hourly subscriptions are valid for 1 year. Coworking Nomad membership is renewed monthly.

To be able to leave your items at the desk where you are working in the coworking space, you must have a Private Desk membership. If you have a private desk in the coworking spaces, you can leave your items on the desk that you choose to cowork in the branch for which you have a private desk. If you are using the coworking spaces with different memberships, you can rent lockers.

In the coworking spaces, you can take the opportunity to meet with the companies, freelancers and the new people working in different sectors. You can also improve yourself and have fun by participating in the events that we organize for our members. By using the Workinton application, you can reach out to as many people as you need just within minutes, and make use of the benefits specifically offered to you.

Our members, who use the coworking spaces, are not entitled to use the meeting rooms free of charge. Depending upon your needs, you can use all meeting rooms in the branch that you choose by booking a room in advance according to your number of people.