Frequently Asked Questions


You can work efficiently and comfortably in the coworking spaces at our nearest branch for the duration and time that you want and need it. With the Coworking membership, we offer everything flexibly according to your choice. You can start coworking by choosing the most suitable option for hourly, daily and monthly subscriptions.

If you have Co-working Nomad and hourly memberships, you can use all our branches in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Izmir at any time that you want it. The hours purchased for hourly subscriptions are valid for 1 year. Coworking Nomad membership is renewed monthly.

To be able to leave your items at the desk where you are working in the coworking space, you must have a Private Desk membership. If you have a private desk in the coworking spaces, you can leave your items on the desk that you choose to cowork in the branch for which you have a private desk. If you are using the coworking spaces with different memberships, you can rent lockers.

In the coworking spaces, you can take the opportunity to meet with the companies, freelancers and the new people working in different sectors. You can also improve yourself and have fun by participating in the events that we organize for our members. By using the Workinton application, you can reach out to as many people as you need just within minutes, and make use of the benefits specifically offered to you.

Our members who use the coworking area do not have the right to use the free meeting room. In line with your needs, you can use all meeting rooms in the branch you want by reserving them according to the number of people.

Private Office

It is the membership model that enables you to start working in the same day with all ready items in different sizes of offices depending upon your desired square meter and number of people. All operational processes are managed for you by the experienced team of Workinton.

If you wish, your office can be customized for you and for your employees in our existing branches or at any point that you wish. All the spaces that you need can be created according to your expectations. (Manager room, meeting room, kitchen area and toilets). You can start working without going through any construction process and without incurring any investment costs.

Billing and payments are made on a monthly basis. You can make the payments by EFT/bank transfer.

You can determine the duration of our ready-to-use office memberships according to your needs.

To initiate the ready-to-use office membership, we collect a deposit payment equal to 1-month membership fee.

The Ready-to-Use Office members are entitled to hold a meeting up to 8 people for 8 hours per month, in the branch where they have their offices. Also, we offer 10% discount for the ready-to-use office members for the extra meetings where they will hold private meetings. If you wish to organize meetings with higher participation, our sales manager is always ready to talk for the organization.

The Ready-to-Use Office members are entitled to use the co-working space in all branches for 40 hours per month. Also, if they wish to buy a membership for use, we offer 10% discount.

Can the Ready-to-Use Office Members Use can host their guests as long as they wish to do so, on the condition that they host their guests in their own offices. However, if the guest comes and starts working regularly, it is added as a number of people.

Virtual Office

This is the membership model that enables you to have a legal address without need for a physical place to start a business. You can use the address of the Workinton branch as the legal address for your company. At the branch where your company address is located, we receive your packages on your behalf, and we answer your calls in Turkish and English with our experienced call center team.

For founding new companies, your identity card is required, and your current tax certificate, signature circular and trade registry gazette are required for address transfer procedures.

The tax office to which your company will be registered varies according to our branch that you will choose for founding a company. The company to be founded by you will be registered by the tax office covering the location of our branch. Click here to review the tax offices to which our branches are registered.

A tax office verification is the final phase for the company creation process. After the contract that has been signed between Workinton and the member is delivered to the tax office, the member verifies that it is located at the indicated address, with the tax officer coming to the location of the member for address verification, and the opening process is completed. If the member misses the verification, the member may request a re-appointment from the Tax Office for a new verification.

We have membership options that our virtual office members may choose depending upon their needs. You can use our branches according to the membership model that you choose. In our membership model, which does not include the use of co-working, you can use all our branches hourly or daily whenever you want in line with your needs.

If you just wish to use the Workinton Call Answering Service, you can buy call answering services for your company as an additional service. A special number is allocated to your company, and incoming calls are answered with your company name. Depending upon your choice, they are transferred to you by telephone or e-mail.