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This stands for a business model in which all investments for the space transformation are made by the owner company of the space in question, and Workinton receives a share based on the turnover in return for its services by undertaking operation and sales responsibilities.


What you get by this business model?

  • You become a business partner of Workinton, one of the well-acclaimed and respected brands for “Shared Office Café”, and also you get the opportunity of benefiting from other branches of Workinton.
  • You create additional income by ensuring that your unexploited spaces are put into use.
  • We offer support at each phase of the branch creation.
  • We assist you in running the ongoing branch operations as well as in increasing operation efficiency and productivity based on the best practice applied in branches.



  • Architectural layout and design is carried out for transforming the space in a suitable manner to Workinton’s design features and branding.
  • This is followed by the feasibility work in line with the predefined product range and capacities.
  • After the feasibility assessment is completed, the company receives an offer from Workinton, specifying the foreseen investment amount and the turnover share model requested by Workinton.
  • Provided that mutual negotiations and assessments prove a successful conclusion, the contract is signed and architectural transformation is started.
  • We cooperate with you and our architecture to develop the branch design which is required to be in line with Workinton’s Design Manual.
  • Workinton’s Salesforce infrastructure is installed in the space. 
  • Once the space is ready for sales, Workinton operation team undertakes the space’s management while Workinton’s sales team begins handling necessary work for selling the space to customers.


Space Design

We can write some expressions more or less like, “We strive to transform your spaces into environments that flourish productivity and create a safer and healthier atmosphere especially in today’s post Covid-19 world. With almost 10 years’ experience, we are ready to support your architectural transformation.” Then, we can observe the first architectural article of PbW process.

  • On-site identification by visiting the space in question.
  • Specifying the needs and requests with mutual meetings and talks.
  • Depending on space requirements and your requests, architectural design and layout is carried out to transform the space by benefiting from Workinton’s experience on design and settlement, and the construction process is managed.

Custom Build-out

Relying on our “wide network of real estate consultants”, we find and identify the property that will meet the client’s location and size requests. The process follows the design of the space in line with the client’s needs and in a way that reflects Workinton’s design elements and branding identity. process also covers the space management service.

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