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Who are we looking for?

Workinton takes franchise selection process quite seriously. Our goal is to ensure that each franchise within our system gains achievements. Therefore, we pay close attention to be sure that our franchise candidates possess such qualities:

  • Passion, loyalty and ambition for success
  • Competent in leading skilfully
  • Skilled at communication with people
  • Good management capacities
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Easily adapting to a young organisation full of energy and dynamism
  • Willing to work full time.

Your Investment

Your investment covers the use of our brand name, systems and comprehensive training programs. We cooperate with you and our architecture before finalising the branch design, and such layout is performed in line with Workinton’s Design Manual.


What You Get

Gaining prestige from running a branch of Workinton’s, as a brand which is regarded to embrace one of the the world’s leading “Shared Office Café” concepts.

  • A profitable investment thanks to proven “Franchise System.”
  • Non-stop support at each phase of the branch creation.
  • Being a Workinton branch owner, and receiving professional and comprehensive trainings on all business aspects.
  • Supported by Franchise Consultant who will assist you in running the ongoing branch operations as well as in increasing operation efficiency and productivity based on the best practice applied in braches.
  • Continuous training, system infrastructure and marketing support.
  • The opportunity to evolve into a multi-store operator provided that you accomplish the growth criteria of Workinton.


Franchise Application Process

  • You send your application.
  • We hold a meeting with you and evaluate your application together.
  • If we decide to progress further after the early negotiation process, we visit the location in question, and arrange ththe layout together with our architect.
  • Followed by the feasibility and offer process, Workinton provides you with a quote specifying the upfront costs and monthly royalty rate according to the location features.
  • Operational assessment is performed at the branch.  (You will be granted the right of spending 5 days in the branch.)
  • If your application is approved, we start the contract phase.
  • Having signed the contract and paid the franchise upfront costs, you begin your training and we start establishing your branch.
  • Please note that this is far from being an all-inclusive content and is just for a general overview to guide you about the process. Buying a franchise depends on whether you could meet Workinton’s all criteria and requirements.


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